Business Owners and Organizations

Our partnerships with community organizations and businesses provide our scholars with greater opportunities to learn outside of the classroom. If you would like to partner with the Robert F. Smith STEAM Academy on a program, fill out the form below.

Community Warriors

Our Community Warriors are individuals who are dedicated to helping to spread the word about the Robert F. Smith STEAM Academy. To join the Community Warriors, please fill out the form below. Thank you for your interest in supporting our school!

Robert F. Smith STEAM Academy Community Partners

College Track

Have you heard about our new partnership with College Track? College Track is a free after school college-readiness program that is accepting applications from RFSSA’s freshmen and sophomore class! It is a comprehensive 10-year program that guides students to obtaining a Bachelor’s degree. Transportation will be provided from RFSSA to the College Track program. The application window will close October 10.

Visit this flyer or link to learn more about College Track and how to apply!

The Hummingbird Initiative

The Hummingbird Initiative is a partnership between Colorado’s Behavioral Health Administration and The University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus (CU Anschutz) to provide academic and experiential learning opportunities for high school students interested in Behavioral Health careers. Students are able to earn academic credit for this experience. This opportunity is free of charge– students will also be provided a $1,000 stipend upon enrollment! Take advantage of this amazing hands-on experience.

Check out this flyer and reach out to our school’s Hummingbird Initiative representative, Mr. J, to learn how to get started!

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is a leadership program organized by Rotary International for young people. RYLA aims to develop leadership skills, personal growth, and community service in young individuals. Participants in RYLA typically attend a camp or seminar where they engage in various activities, workshops, and discussions focused on leadership development and community service.

Click here to learn more about RYLA.

Education First (EF Tours) – Educational Tours

Education First (EF) Educational Tours is a company that specializes in organizing educational travel experiences for students and educators. EF Educational Tours offers a range of international trips designed to enhance learning outside the traditional classroom setting. These tours are often customized to align with specific academic subjects, such as history, language, science, or cultural studies. This summer, we are going to Costa Rica with EF Tours!

Visit our enrollment page and learn more about EF Tours here!

GOALS – Youth River Expedition

GOALS designs and delivers transformative river expeditions that address the needs of today’s kids. The lessons and activities embedded in our curriculum guide them to new discoveries about the wonders around and within them – pushing beyond previously established limits in settings that inspire individual growth and create group camaraderie. The GOALS experience motivates kids to create new norms for themselves, improve their relationships with others, and give back to the wild places that have given so much to them.

Learn more about GOALS here.

World Denver

WorldDenver is an organization affiliated with the World Affairs Council of America. It focuses on international affairs, cultural exchange, and global engagement through events, speaker series, and initiatives that bring together individuals interested in diplomacy and cross-cultural understanding. The organization collaborates with experts, hosts international visitor programs, and works to foster a more informed and globally engaged community. For the latest information, it’s recommended to check WorldDenver’s official website or contact them directly.

Visit the World Denver site to learn more.

Traillionaires Foundation

The Traillionaires Foundation is motivated to help students obtain life-sustaining jobs faster, develop important life skills, increase financial knowledge, and develop creditworthiness, savings and investments. The Traillionaires Foundation provides programming and boot camps to educate students on financial literacy.

To learn more about the Traillionaires Foundation, click here.

Denver Urban Gardens (DUG)

Denver Urban Garden (DUG) supports Denver residents in creating sustainable, food-producing neighborhood community gardens. DUG programs provide access, skills, and resources to help people grow food in the community and regenerate urban green space.

Visit the DUG website to learn more.

National Academy Foundation (NAF)

National Academy Foundation (NAF) is a national education non-profit that addresses the economic and social disparities that have marginalized too many high school students and their communities by bringing schools and businesses together to better prepare students for college, career, and future success.

Click here to learn more!

Camping to Connect

Camping to Connect is a collective of progressive men of color who believe in inspiring change by nurturing camaraderie, fostering accountability, and cultivating trust, leadership, and support. Camping to Connect offers a wide-range of outdoor programming.

Learn more here!